Board of Directors and By-Laws

Our By-Laws: APANB-AAPNB_By-Laws_2014

Our Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors of the Association consists of the Executive (President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer) and a maximum of two other eligible Association Members. No agency may be represented by more than two people on the Board. An agency is defined in our by-laws as a private organization or an educational institution.

The Board performs the duties prescribed by the by-laws (see attached) and by the parliamentary authority adopted by the Board of the Association.

The Board may from time to time form committees to assist the Association in carrying out its goals. Committee chairpersons will report to the Board, but will not have Board voting rights if they are not sitting Board members. Currently, we meet every 3-4 weeks to discuss Association matters and the activities of the Committees.

The Board members serve for a two-year term and were nominated at our Annual General Meeting November 18, 2017. Due to By-Laws prohibiting the representation of the same institution by more than one Executive member, Cora Woolsey stepped down in March 2018, and Sara Beanlands was nominated and voted by ascension to the position of Secretary at the April 28, 2018 Annual General Meeting.

President – Darcy Dignam, M.A., RPA

Vice-President – Gabe Hrynick, Ph.D., RPA

Treasurer – Trevor Dow, B.A.

Secretary – Sara Beanlands, M.A.

Board Member:  David Black, Ph.D., HRP

Board Member: Ken Holyoke, M.A., RPA