APANB-AAPNB Statement on the Ongoing Work in Officers’ Square, Downtown Fredericton

In response to ongoing archaeological work at Officers’ Square in Downtown Fredericton the APANB-AAPNB board has issued a statement, available here: APANB-AAPNB_OfficersSquare.

As indicated in that statement, we presently have limited information. Nonetheless, as the project receives ongoing attention we thought it was important to let the membership and the public know that we are actively monitoring the situation and to call for transparency.

As always we encourage members to make their voices heard to the APANB board through our website, social media, or email address (apanb.aapnb@gmail.com)



Sara Beanlands, MA

David Black, PhD

Trevor Dow, BA Hons.

Ken Holyoke, MA, RPA

Gabe Hrynick, PhD, RPA

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