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The APANB – AAPNB is a registered not-for-profit, self-governing professional association which serves as a body to represent the professional interests of individuals working in the field of Archaeology, or related disciplines, while establishing and maintaining principles and standards of archaeological practice in New Brunswick.

The APANB – AAPNB strives to be an inclusive body, allowing any and all persons practicing in the field of archaeology to participate in our three levels of membership, from Professionals to Students. Our membership will work together to reach the objectives of the Association, including, but not limited to:

  • Representing the profession of archaeology in New Brunswick
  • Facilitating the development of the profession of archaeology in New Brunswick
  • Acting as an independent extra-governmental body advocating for the discipline of archaeology
  • Promoting the conservation of archaeological resources
  • Mediating solutions to problems involving archaeological resources
  • Recognizing significant accomplishments in archaeology; and,
  • Encouraging professionalism in archaeology, the sharing and dissemination of research, archaeological education both within and outside of the professional community, and cooperation through a culture of inclusion within and beyond the profession of archaeology.

With these goals in mind, the Association is inviting you to join and encouraging the participation of all interested and eligible parties throughout New Brunswick and the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

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  1. Hello,
    We are working for a project in Grand Manan and have been asked to complete an Archaeological Impact Assessment. Can you please provide us a members list or some names of professional archaeologists in the vicinity of Grand Manan, NB?
    Thank you.

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